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Roman is a 5-year-old blue-fawn pied French bulldog who is Amber’s “little sidekick” and co-star of her Pacific Grove video on YouTube. In the video he’s seen strolling the streets of Pacific Grove, going in and out of the very high-end custom doggie door at the property for sale, watching golfers at the 9th tee, and checking out the scenery along the coastline.

Roman was such an appealing presence on the video that he was partly responsible for HGTV inviting Russell to appear on their hit show “Tiny House Hunters.” He accompanies Amber by request on her “house calls” and is ready for his close-up in Amber’s next video.

Roman was born 11/11/2011, and is so named because Amber and her husband Rob acquired him while they were on their honeymoon in Rome.

Roman has two adopted brothers: Franco, a Boston Terrier, and Huckleberry, aka “Bear,” another French Bulldog. His brothers are a bit less well-behaved, so they don’t get to go out as much.

“Roman is my little sidekick and he’s the inspiration for the creativity in my videos,” she says. “He did everything in one take, he was the easiest to shoot. People like French bulldogs and he draws people in. While shooting the video, a perfect stranger started petting him and when Roman did his famous ‘stink bug’ move, the man got right down on the ground with him.  It was priceless!  Pets bring out the best in us.”